A giant leap for
your brand

Brands turn from mere abstractions to living things,
with recognizable, engaging personalities. Insipid sales
pitches turn into inspiring stories that impel action.
Complex processes and products
turn into engrossing and educational content.
Legacies turn into household legends.

That’s the power of video.
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Don’t just sell.

Immerse your audiences
in exciting new worlds.

Video MAA houses an inspired cast of accomplished writers, editors, designers, motion graphic artist, and animators, all in service of one objective: to create compelling video content for your brand/ business.

  • Video strategy
  • Content planning
  • Campaign planning
  • Video brand guidelines
    • Storytelling
    • Creative ideas
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Promotional Video Production
  • Training Video Production
  • Animated Video Production
  • Internal Communication Videos
  • Training Video Production
  • Video Content Marketing

Don’t just work.

Work your magic.

Work that’s varied and rich. Work that stands the test of time. Work that speaks of unquestionable craft and merit. Work that is strategically-led. Work that is imbued with creativity. Work that is result-oriented. Video MAA takes pride in producing work that casts a real spell on its viewers. Take a look.
About Us

Don’t just dream of the future.

Make history.

We are Video Maa, affiliated to MAA Communications: a highly celebrated pioneer in the field of advertising and marketing in the country, with a rich history of consistently making history.

We believe in the exhilaration of dreams. In the magic of story-telling. In the transformative capacity of creativity. And above all, in the inherent power of video to propel brands and businesses. To all this, we add a team of highly accomplished and dedicated professionals in the realm of video-making.

The results are often spectacular.

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