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Video Development

We’ve already established that video marketing is a simple yet powerful technique to drive conversions and yes, SALES. It is no longer a marketing technique reserved for big brands with even bigger budgets – it’s expected out of every business, regardless of size. Not just that, close to a quarter of customers loses interest in companies that don’t offer video content.


Though the concept of video marketing by itself and possibly even the execution may be simple, the process of making a video involves a lot of thought and planning. Moreover, there is a wide range of video types out there to cater to every conceivable business need.

  • Business video marketing
  • Explainer videos
  • Animated videos
  • Branding videos
  • Software demos
  • Product demos
  • Real estate walkthroughs
  • Website videos
  • Event coverage videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Music videos
  • Motion graphic videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Training videos
  • Still photography
  • Video editing
  • Voiceover

The actual process of video development can broadly be classified into three stages – pre-development, (actual) development and post development. Each stage involves a series of steps, which may be rearranged or skipped depending on the purpose or type of video.

Video Production system and speakers


includes all the steps required to prepare for and create the blueprint of the video. It involves the setting of goals, budgeting, conceptualization, identification of target audience, selection of genre, risk and legal environment analysis, consultation and approvals, scripting/storyboarding, arranging for resources, etc.


encompasses all the processes that put the plan created above into action – that actually create the video. It entails animation or compiling of graphic elements, as the case may be.

Post Development

involves, largely, cleaning, editing, and fine-tuning of the video, followed by delivery/deployment and marketing of the finished product.

An important point to remember is that every video should tell a complete story – that it has a clear beginning, core, and conclusion. We assist you through every stage of development, right from ideation to delivery, to help ensure that vital continuity and thus, consumer connect.