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Video Marketing

Ever wonder why video marketing is the blue-eyed baby in the marketing world right now? Quite simply put, it offers the best customer engagement we’ve ever known. Not just that, it helps convert potential consumers into actual, paying customers.

Take a look at your Whatsapp chats. Have you seen a gradual progression from long text forwards to short videos? In today’s time-crunched age, nobody has the time or inclination to spare for lengthy textual content. Specifically, no one likes non-interactive data dumps. The focus has shifted to interactive and convenient information sharing, with a particular preference for light content (which can be accomplished brilliantly with animation videos).

Globally, YouTube is the second most popular social network at present. The popularity of videos is so huge that it is expected that by 2020, they will account for close to 80% of online traffic! If that isn’t convincing, here are a few indisputable reasons for going the video way:

Search engines love videos

Everyone knows that SEOs have a more than strong preference for videos. Not just that, the fact that Google owns YouTube plays a huge role in promoting the popularity of videos. Adding a video to your website can help increase traffic by up to 55%, and this number is growing by the second.

Easier processing and retention

In today’s age of information overload, users do not take kindly to copious amounts of text. The brain finds it easier to process and retain visual content – thus, videos create a higher and longer lasting impact than plain text. Nielsen has projected that 74% of total ad recall can be realized within the first 10 seconds of a Facebook video.

Better customer connect, engagement and sharing

Videos offer a very powerful way to establish a strong customer connect. The blend of voices, music and facial expressions all work together to evoke, engage and resonate with even the laziest of users – enough to drive them to share. Once that happens, the reach is limitless.

Establishing trust

A lot of potential customers (as high as 96% according to a study) turn to explainer videos before actually making a purchase. Moreover, over half of these consumers consider companies that make videos to be more trustworthy. Thus, videos help promote trust in brands and products.

Improved customer conversion, sales and ROI

Videos convert more customers than other forms of content. In fact, in a recent study, over 70% of marketing professionals indicated that videos offer much higher conversion rates than other types of content.

So there you go. Videos have more than proven their worth – it’s high time they were given their due importance in every marketing strategy. A few essential components of video marketing are listed below: